Hello there! I'm Heather, a slightly goofy, fun and creative lady living in Idaho.

I'm a bit obsessed with books, music, cats, traveling and shoes. My blog is an eclectic mix of sharing my life, faith, fashion and things that inspire me. I'm just an average girl who is trying to live joyfully, find her path in life and trust God along the way. I believe in adventure and embracing the unexpected.

I started this blog in 2007 after I graduated college and before I moved by myself to California for more schooling, as a way to keep family and friends updated with the goings on in my life. For two and a half years I blogged 'Heather Goes to California.' Once I moved back home to Idaho I took a more generic blog name. 'Heatherlydee' is a combination of nicknames. My grandpa used to say that I had a 'Heatherly' smile and my family would often call me Heather Dee, short for my middle name, Danielle. So there you have it.

Thank you for stopping by!