Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm back with the start of my apartment tour! I'll break it up over a few days so as not to bombard you with pictures. (Who am I kidding? I will still bombard you with pictures!) I must start by saying how grateful I am to be here. I am in complete awe seeing God's hand in the whole process. 

You may have noticed the lull in my blogging this year and how lack luster my posts have been. This has been a hard year and during the summer months I kept telling myself that SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. Whether it was my living situation, my job situation or my attitude; I NEEDED a change because acting like a normal, functioning human being was becoming more and more difficult.

This month marks 3 years since moving back to Boise from California. While I am SO THANKFUL to my parents for allowing me to overstay my welcome at their house, it was time to make a move. My sister, Ashlee, and I had been looking on and off for months, from Seattle to Boise, but nothing felt right. Then out of nowhere my sister found a beautiful apartment in the heart of downtown Boise, the evening that her summer temp assignment ended. We looked at it the next day, put a deposit on it that night and were approved 4 days later. This was THE ONLY apartment we actually looked at, but it felt so right.

Looking back, it was such a whirlwind! I hadn't mentally prepared myself to move; I didn't believe it would happen until sometime next year, but God had other plans. Our move happened in the midst of major changes at work and a California road trip for a friend's wedding, and I still feel like I haven't processed the gravity of this. For the first time in 3 years I feel independent again. This new apartment has become my sanctuary and I feel so blessed. (I literally have tears in my eyes thinking about it!) So without further ado, welcome to my apartment! (And see if you can spot Blizzard!)

Rug: Target 

 Rug/Tables/Pillows: Ikea
Couch/Right Chair: Boise Bench Commission
Left Chair: Gift from a friend

Mirrors: Ikea
Record Player: Urban Outfitters 

My Christmas present from last year! Now if I can get it tuned.

Picked up from Kelli's moving sale. Ashlee painted and I collaged. 

I must note we have since covered this hideous bookcase under the TV with a table cloth because ugh, what an eye sore!

Photo on the right taken by Ashlee


  1. Heather, this is adorable! No wonder you guys didn't need to check out any others before choosing this one! I love the way you and Ashlee decorated. So fresh and pretty!

    ♥ Bethany

  2. absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the brick.

  3. What a super cozzzzy living room. Great great style & decor!