Wednesday, August 1, 2012

27 before 28

Happy birthday to me! And to my sweet sister, Ashlee! I'm 27 today! That's still early twenties, right?!? I am SO ready for a new year and a fresh start. I cannot wait to see what 27 holds for me. I think it's going to be a MAJOR year with many changes and lots of adventure. Bring it 27!

1. Meet Amanda
2. Take a road trip to California
3. See Janelle get married
4. Create a monthly budget
5. Pay off my small student loan & car loan

6. Move out
7.  Sew a quilt
8. Learn how to do cat-eye makeup
9. Practice piano 5 days a week
10. Get current on my scrapbooks (2009-current)

11. Re-read Quitter by Job Acuff
12. Complete RVA Dream Job e-course
13. Take a calligraphy class
14. Take an archery class
15. Watch all Wes Anderson movies

16. Go on a hike
17. Run a 5k
18. Try a new fitness activity (zumba, ballet, rock climbing, hula hooping)
19. Eat primarily vegetarian
20. Buy a bicycle

21. Read the Bible-cover to cover
22. Have a Pinterest dinner party
23. Go to Camp Perkins for the Women’s Crafting Retreat
24. Complete kitchen table & chairs makeover
25. Finish reading The Daniel Fast & practice the spiritual act of fasting

26. Try to make macarons again
27. Create one painting a month

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