Monday, July 9, 2012

midnight in paris

I've been full of ideas for blog posts, but without a computer. Not a great combination and kind of a bummer. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow my sweet sister's computer this week while she goes to Texas for a conference.

So I'm a little behind on the times. Like a year behind? Have you seen Midnight in Paris? I just saw it a couple weeks ago and I LOVED it! I've been on a major Paris kick this year and it kills me that I can't just go. However it was fun to be transported there in the movie. Gil Pender's adventures were not only entertaining to watch, but I think I learned a valuable lesson as well. (The More You Know...right?)

I really needed to hear that the grass isn't always greener. Gil was obsessed with Paris in the 1920s; he thought it must have been the best era in history. However, after his adventures he realized that it is better to accept the present for what it is rather than to live a life of nostalgia.

I keep wishing that I was here or there. That I did this or that. After seeing this movie I realized that where I am right now is where I am supposed to be. Do I need to set goals and strive to be better? Absolutely! However, I need to appreciate RIGHT NOW and not wish away my life. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it. It's time for me to water my life and make the most of my situation.


  1. What conference is your sister going to? I'm going to a conference in Texas this week too!

    1. What a small world! Ashlee is going to a Premier Designs Jewelry conference, she's an independant jeweler. :) Enjoy Texas!