Tuesday, July 31, 2012

26 before 27 update

It is that time again...almost my birthday. Here is a little recap of my list of 26 before 27 goals and dreams that I worked through this past year. I didn't quite get to everything, but I am so proud of what I did accomplish.

1. Take a trip to Seattle (September & October 2011)
2. Take a trip to Los Angeles
3. Plan a trip out of the country for 2013
4. Go to a concert (March 2012-Tyrone Wells & June 2012-Dia Frampton)
5. Meet Amanda

6. Move out

7. Buy a car (February 2012)
8. Buy a bicycle
9. Create a monthly budget and stick to it
10. Pay off my small student loan (1-2 payments left!)

11. Re-read all the Harry Potter books (December 2011-January 2012)
12. Read The Hunger Games (March-April 2012)
13. Read Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (August 2011)
14. Read Unlimited by Jillian Michaels (
September 2011)
15. Watch all of Steve Martin’s movies and read all his books (Watched Roxanne & The Big Year)

16. Create a self portrait (February 2012)
17. Make macarons (September 2011-It was a failed attempt, but a good first try.)

18. Design/sew a dress
19. Plan a photo shoot with Ashlee

20. Paint a picture (September 2011, April 2012, June 2012, July 2012)

21. Take a class (Electrical Systems-September 2011, Piano-February-July 2012)
22. Practice guitar 3-4 days a week/learn a song (Practiced Piano)
23. Learn how to do a fishtail braid (
September 2011)
24. Complete all 30 days of Jillian's 30 day Shred
25. Host a Finding Kind (Kind Campaign) viewing party at church

26. Go zip-lining in Whistler (September 2011 & Idaho Zip Line-July 2012)

Dear 26,
What a year it has been! I did some serious growing this year. I did things that straight up scared me and felt empowered and proud of myself for doing them. I experienced some tragic events that drew me closer to God and tested my faith. I learned many new things; things about: music, electrical systems (I never saw THAT coming!), work, myself and life. I have laughed until I cried and I have cried out to God in despair. God has stirred up my life this year into what I've perceived as chaos; perhaps He is readying me for a big change in year 27. I don't know that I like it, but I am open to the possibilities and opportunities. So thank you 26 for beating me up a bit in order to allow me put my faith into action and to be brave. I hope 27 is a little bit sweeter and a little bit softer.


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