Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been so off lately. My days have been filled with work. My evenings have been filled with meetings, planning, reading, writing and piano. I've been dying to blog, but everything has been trapped inside my head and my heart. So while I am gathering my thoughts check out these two awesome sites.

My sister introduced me to She Reads Truth a few weeks ago. It's an amazing online community of women committed to daily reading Scripture with the Bible app by YouVersion. You have NO IDEA how badly I've needed this. The past month has been one of seeking God and diving into Scripture. The first plan was Soul Detox. I started late so I'm still finishing it up, but they just started a new plan, Living the Surrendered Life. Connect on twitter and instagram @shereadstruth and be sure to use the hash tag #shereadstruth.

I was also blessed to find Good Women Project, which is another online community to encourage women and have real conversations. The first two articles I read took the words out of my mouth. This is a place of truth and authenticity.

Check out the two articles I mentioned:

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