Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ryan Gosling

Back in January, (or was it February) I saw an article on Hello Giggles from Teen Granny about learning new crafts (see here). I died when I saw the Ryan Gosling cross stitch. AMAZING! Have you seen the tumblr? I ordered the pattern here. Ashlee and I decided to each make this cross stitch for our friends, Jenny and Janelle. If anyone understands the importance of Ryan Gosling it's them. I love how it turned out. I still want to make one for myself, perhaps I'll make time next month.

You have to watch this video of Ryan reading some "hey girl"s.


  1. Bahaha! I needed to see that video Heather. :)

  2. I won't lie...I'm a bit obsessed with this man. My poor husband listens to me talk about him all the time. Haha.

    Loved that video!


  3. why. am i so in love with this guy? sigghhh...

    found the route

  4. I love my cross stitched Ryan, he keeps me company at night. The best comment I got on it was when my 3 year old friend Amya saw and goes "Is that Justin Beiber???" I was rather offended and quickly told her of the wonders of Ryan Gosling.

  5. woah thats so cool

    Much Love ♡

    Jess †