Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: Cœur de Pirate-Comme Des Enfants

Béatrice Martin is Cœur de Pirate which is French for Pirate Heart. My bestie, Jenny, told me about her after I was tweeting about how I couldn't stop listening to Édith Piaf. I was/am going through a phase where all I could/can think about was/is going to France. Jenny's sister-in-law is a Francophile, obsessed with all things French, and had told Jenny about her. Now I can't stop listening to Cœur de Pirate on Grooveshark. I'm dying to get my hands on her album, but imports are I would love to get her album on vinyl. That'd be the ultimate. While I don't understand most/all of what she is saying, I think her music is so lovely and addicting.

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  1. I keep forgetting to get the album from Mischa when her and the bro are up, so this weekend I will remember and send it to you!!!