Friday, April 27, 2012

coconut crazy

Disclaimer: the below is my PERSONAL opinion, coming from PERSONAL experience. None of the information is to be taken as medical/nutritional advice. Consult your doctor before trying this out.

I've been a bit obsessed with coconut lately, specially coconut oil and coconut water.

Last January Mandy wrote about coconut oil. Did you know that coconut oil is called the healthiest of oils? I was specifically interested in using in on my hair because I’m so hard on it so it always feels so dry. Her post was intriguing and I made a mental note to pick some up when I got a chance. Well flash forward a few months and I finally got around to ordering some on Amazon and giving it a try.

My new hair routine is scooping some oil (it melts with the warmth of your skin) on my fingertips and massaging it into the ends of my hair the night before I plan on washing my hair. (I typically wash my hair every other day, sometimes I’ll go three days without washing my hair. Thank goodness for dry shampoo!) After the ends of my hair are thoroughly covered with oil I pull my hair up in a messy pony tail or sock bun. I sleep with it in my hair, although you could just leave it on for 15-20 minutes before showering. My sister has short hair, so she’ll just lay a towel on her pillow before going to sleep with the oil in her hair. The last time I saw my stylist she freaked out about how soft the ends of my hair were. It really makes a difference!

I wrote about the OCM in July. Since I got the coconut oil I’ve been using it as eye make up remover, which works wonders. Sometimes if I’m feeling particularly lazy, I’ll even use it in place of my castor oil/grapeseed oil mix for the OCM. I don’t know how long it has been since my skin was this clear. Coconut oil is incredibly moisturizing, so occasionally I’ll use it as a body moisturizer. Plus, rumor has it that coconut oil prevents stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ve heard it is great to put in smoothies as well. I have yet to try that, but you can bet I will.

A few months ago I started drinking coconut water fairly regularly, specifically peach and mango by Vita Coco. I used it to replace my Coke obsession. Coconut water is naturally low in calories and fat free. It is exploding with potassium (which helps with cramping) and is low in sodium. As a girl who doesn’t really drink water, I appreciate that I can drink coconut water and still stay hydrated. Coconut water can be a little spendy, so I keep my eyes out for sales. Although I figure if I’m not spending my money on coconut water I’d be spending it on coke or coffee, so for me it all balances out. Do you have a favorite brand of coconut water or a favorite flavor?


  1. I've been using coconut oil in my hair since I was small and it really does make a difference. I will have to try and see what it's like as a makeup remover!

    Sita xx

  2. Coconut oil is AMAZING for hair. I always recommend it to my clients who need a little extra moisture :).

    I think I'll start using it as a body moisturizer as well. Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. You reminded me I need to get more coconut oil! I love it as a body lotion and hair treatment, and now I need to try it as an eye makeup remover! As far as eating it though I've heard to be very very sparing because it has saturated fat...or trans fat...whichever is the bad for you fat.

  4. Ohhh great post..very informative.. I used coconut stuff for my hair...:-)