Sunday, February 5, 2012


So this weekend didn't go exactly as planned. Actually, this past week didn't go exactly as planned. Ashlee's car died this week. This was incredibly terrible because our family of four has been sharing two cars. Two cars for four people is a challenge, but one car for four people is a nightmare. 

Saturday was spent car shopping. It was a long day, but after much negotiating and a free meal, I got a really good deal on a black 2002 Infiniti G20. We were able to get a ridiculously good trade-in deal on Ashlee's car which helped a lot on the price. While I wasn't expecting that I'd have to put a down payment on a car this week and sign up for more monthly bills, I think we made an excellent decision.

I'm very impressed with this car and excited about all the features it comes with. There are a few cosmetic issues, but over all it's an awesome car. I've never had a car with automatic locks and windows, cruise control or a sun roof. Plus, as Ashlee pointed out it has a rocking stereo system with a CD and cassette player. Which means we can jam to our Lion King tape. Heck yes.

Besides actually making the decision to purchase the car, the next difficult decision was naming it. On the drive home Ashlee and I talked over names and settled on Spike after the character in Buffy. I think it suits him, because it's dark and mysterious and has had an interesting life.

P.S. If you are in Idaho and looking for a car I highly recommend Team Mazda Subaru in Nampa. Ask for Chris. He was awesome!

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