Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Jenny!

My dearest Jenny,

Today you are 27. That's still mid-twenties, right? I think Miranda would agree.

I'm not sure where I begin. God knew what He was doing when He placed us on the same dorm floor nearly eight years ago. Can you believe it's been that long?! Thinking back on our friendship, more than anything else, I just feel so blessed to know you. You have brought so much laughter and adventure into my life.

We were just little freshman nerds when we met and we have come such a long way, even going so far as to moving to a different state together. Our time in California is some of my fondest memories. In California we took risks, we were broken down, we grew up and most of all we had a ridiculous amount of fun. Everything adventurous, right?

There is so much I could say to you. I could quote Grey Gardens or perhaps sing "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" in my Cher voice. But what I really want to say is "thank you for being a friend!" Lol! Okay, seriously though, I love you so much and I am so blessed to be able to call you my best friend. Let's be friends forever, okay?

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and that this next year exceeds your expectations! I love you millions!

Triplets forever.

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