Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Friday Icon: Taylor Swift

When I saw Taylor Swift on the cover of Vogue for February I was stoked. I absolutely adore Miss Swift. Not only is Taylor a fashion icon of mine, she's also an all-round lovely lady.

Taylor is a remarkable musician and artist with a fabulous style and she also has a sureness of herself, a confidence in who she is and what she wants. Taylor is a role model in the truest sense; she understands that as a public figure she has a responsibility to her fans and she does not take that lightly. 

I am drawn to her grace, whimsy and transparency. In all the interviews I've seen and read Taylor comes across as authentic and genuine; traits that are rare these days. She seems like the kind of girl who would make the perfect best friend; she draws you in and you just can't help but like her. 

Call me cheesy, but listening to Taylor's music makes me feel like I'm reading my own diary. She shares the deepest parts of her self, being completely vulnerable and allows us to identify feelings we weren't sure how to express. She's relate-able and honest.

I think I'm going to have to add on to my bucket list: attend a Taylor Swift concert and meet Taylor Swift. How rad would that be?!

"I don't ever want to be that person whose self-image overtakes who they are," says Swift. 

After reading the article about Taylor I want to:
1. Embrace my awkward and who I am
2. Stop caring what people think of me
3. Conduct myself with grace
4. Live in the present, but plan and dream for the future
5. Be kind and friendly

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