Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best of 2011: Movies

Hi lovelies! I'm back for another day of the "best of 2011"! Today let's talk about movies. Last year I saw boatloads of movies, many released in 2011, but many prior to that.

You may notice that a few of them are movies based on books, many of which are on my Best of 2011: Books post. I'm not one of those people that freaks out about books being turned into movies, worrying if it will be up to snuff. (Who says snuff?! Apparently me.) For the most part I can separate the book and movie and I try to appreciate each as it's own. I can see the merit in each. They are never going to be able to include ALL the details written in books into a 2 hour movie, it's just not going to happen. Enough of that, let's get to my list of movies.

What did you think were the best movies of 2011? What movies are you dying to see? Is anything good coming out soon? Are you the type of person who has to see a movie when it's first released or do you typically wait for them to come out on DVD?

1. The Help
2. Harry Potter 7.2

3. Wild Target
4. Tangled

5. What If

6. Soul Surfer
7. Bridesmaids

8. Never Let Me Go
9. Catfish

10. The King's Speech

11. 127 Hours

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  1. We just saw Soul Surfer the other day and that movie was amazing. I really didn't have high expectations going in but I am SO glad I watched it!