Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011. Happiness Project Wrap Up.

It's 2012! The beginning of the year always seems to be a time of reflection, evaluation, changes, goal setting, etc. I mean, who doesn't occasionally dream of a fresh start or a new beginning?

I want to take a moment to wrap up my December goals from my Happiness Project that I started last year.

December: Happiness
-Exercise regularly
-Finish my 2007 album
-Regular devotions
-Send Christmas cards
-Pay extra on my student loan
-Study for my Electrical Systems final/get an A on the test
-Eat vegetarian

December was an excellent and busy month. While I didn't exercise as much as I would like I probably averaged 3 times a week. My mom and sister have been doing a short workout video with me when I get home from work. I hope we can continue doing it this month!

Completing my 2007 was a task I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do, but Ashlee and I uploaded out 2007 albums for printing on Friday. I can't wait for it to get here! Next up is completing my 2008 album.

I don't know why finding a quiet/devotional time for me is so difficult. I still haven't gotten into quite the right routine, but it's a work in progress.

Thankfully, Ashlee did most of the work on our Christmas cards, because I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. We even got them in the mail before Christmas!

After some budgeting I was able to pay $250 more on my small student loan than the minimum payment. I'm hoping to have that one knocked out by my birthday.

While I didn't get an A on my Electrical Systems final (I got a B), I did end up with an A for my final grade in the class.

Eating vegetarian has been difficult. I did not always stick to it as I would have liked, but I have become more conscious of the food I'm eating and I think I want to continue with vegetarianism.

I cannot believe 2011 is over! It was an unbelievable year, full of so many opportunities and blessings. I am grateful that I challenged myself to complete my own Happiness Project. I have found how much I love setting goals. There is something so rewarding about figuring out that you want and going after it; even the simplest of goals. In 2012 I hope to complete the rest of my 26 before 27 goals.

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See my Twelve Commandments:

Be Heather.
Be better, not bitter.
Enjoy now. Enjoy the process.
Keep it simple.
Don’t make comparisons.
Be kind.
Save more than I spend.
What would I do if I weren’t scared?
Stay in touch.
Everything adventurous.
There is only love.

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