Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello darlings! On Saturday I had the privilege of attending a screening of MiiR's documentary, "Beyond the Bottle." My sister has written about MiiR before. (See here.) Miir was started by a fellow SPU alum, Bryan, and I am so proud of what he and his team are doing.

So often I take for granted what I have been blessed with, even the simplest things, such as a glass of water. Did you know that nearly a billion people don't have access to clean drinking water? That number shocks me every time I hear it. MiiR is helping provide clean drinking water to those who need it most.

"At MiiR, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently about what we create and who it may impact. we do this by making our products highly functional, well designed while giving back to those in need. We decided to start by making great bottles with significant purpose behind them."

As you can see by the pictures, my family LOVES MiiR bottles. Not only are the bottles unique, customized to us, and a "pleasure" to drink from, using a MiiR bottle eliminates the use of plastic bottles and one dollar of each MiiR bottle goes to provide one person with clean water for one year.

MiiR partnered with One Day's Wages, which is an organization to alleviate extreme global poverty. ODW uses 100% of the money raised to directly grant to organizations, projects, and causes around extreme global poverty. Rad, huh?

So if you need an idea for a unique Christmas gift that also makes a difference, MiiR is the way to go!

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  1. I love things like this : ) thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog!