Thursday, November 3, 2011


I figured it was time to post my Halloween pictures or else I would forget until Christmas. As I mentioned before I decided to be Olive Penderghast for Halloween. It was an incredibly easy costume. I wore a black tank top, black jeans, black heels and a pearl necklace. I spent all of 35 cents on red felt and sewed the A. The only downside was that besides my family, no one got my costume. Duh, people! Anyway, I had fun in my costume. My amazing sister, Ashlee, was foursquare. I didn't post a full body picture of her costume, so you'll have to wait until she shares on her blog.

Compared to the past three Halloweens this year was very uneventful. Ashlee and I went to our cousin's party for a bit, but left early and stopped by the Matador before heading home.

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  1. hahahah very cute...I actually started to see that movie and never finished it...I guess I need to finish it now!