Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seattle & Whistler

FINALLY! Here is a little recap of my trip to Seattle/Whistler.

Ashlee and I left on a Thursday evening and flew into Seattle. Jenny picked us up and we met the girls for dinner at Georgetown Liquor Company. The food was so-so, but the conversation was wonderful. It was great to catch up with the girls.

 Friday morning we left around 9am, bound for Canada. After a quick stop at Starbucks we were ready to go. The drive was great. I kept annoying the girls by pointing out power poles, transmission lines and bundled conductors. We got to Whistler around 1pm and joined Jenny's mom and aunt for lunch in their room. After a bit of TV, we finally checked into our room and then got ready for the zip trek.

This was us before the zip trek. I was so nervous!

Up in the trees! So much fun!

We had great guides on the zip trek! They were so nice and patient with those of us who were nervous. On the drive up the mountain we saw the Olympic bobsled track and a bear. I was pretty nervous to go, but once you're up there it's not like you can give up. Our theme was to be bold and be committed. After the first big zip, most of my nerves were gone and I was able to enjoy myself. It was so exhilarating! On the very last zip they showed us how to go upside and let go. We were all hesitant, but every one in the group did it. I was the second to go and it was the weirdest feeling to step off the platform backwards and let yourself go upside down. Afterwards I felt like I could do ANYTHING! Deb said that she would buy us a round of drinks that night to celebrate facing our fears.

After zipping around the mountain we went back to our room, had dinner and got cleaned up before going back to the village for drinks. We went to Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub. It was so much fun! Deb bought us our first round of drinks. We talked and laughed and ordered dessert and more drinks. Jenny's parents and aunt headed back to the hotel after awhile and we stayed to talk and laugh some more. 

Goofing off in the bathroom.

Back in our room we ate tuna, cheese and crackers and laughed hysterically while watching Miranda. It was such a great evening!

Saturday morning we skyped with our sweet friend Amanda and then spent the rest if the morning walking around the shops at Whistler Village. We ended up back at the pub for lunch where we shared an enormous order of nachos.

The afternoon we relaxed in our room and went down to the pool for a bit before cleaning up for dinner at Elements Urban Tapas.

Dinner was amazing! My favorites were the two toned frites, salted potatoes and tempura artichoke hearts. Oh, and the chocolate ganache dessert. After dinner we were going to go back to the pub, but it was packed so we ended up at Citta for drinks on the patio and people watching.

Sunday we had a delicious breakfast at the pub before heading back to the states. We spent the afternoon and evening lounging at Jenny's watching Netflix, Extreme Home Makeover and Miranda.

Monday we slowly packed our things. We headed down to Seattle to meet Janelle for lunch at The Matador. We had so much fun catching up! Before too long she had to get back to work. Jenny, Ashlee and I spent what little time we had left walking around the shops in Ballard before going to the airport.

This trip flew by, but I had so much fun! I cannot wait to go back to Seattle next week so I can spend more time with my besties!

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