Monday, October 24, 2011

life update

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Between work, trips and church commitments I’ve hardly been able to breathe. 

We are remodeling my department at work, which meant packing and moving to the main building. I think I’ve finally settled into my temporary desk, which will be my home for the next three weeks. It’s actually kind of nice because I have more face time with other co-workers and they are all so kind. Now that I am feeling caught up, I know things are going to get crazy again. This week we have customers flying in for meetings and then I leave Wednesday for another work trip. Despite the busyness, when I stop to think about my situation, gratitude washes over me. I feel so blessed to work for an amazing organization that I know appreciates me. I really love my job, even when it gets crazy.

I mentioned previously that I just got back from six days in Seattle. I don’t even know where to begin with that trip. It really caused me to do a lot of reflecting, which sort of caught me off guard. I was expecting to have a fun time with some of my best friends, which I did, but I did not expect the emotions that came with it. My friends in Seattle have great jobs, great friends and a great church. They have an amazing community there. I feel like I'm really lacking a solid community in Idaho. I mean I have my family and church, but I don't really have a community of people my age who I can identify with. I really miss having that. 

I am hoping that in the coming months I can find ways to experience that here. Something that I was struck with  while I was visiting was that I can't wait around hoping that the things I want in life come and find me. While I can't control everything, there is so much in life I do have control over. I can create the life I want to live. I need to be intentional and set goals, but the life I want doesn't have to be far away or not attainable.

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