Monday, October 31, 2011


I had a great work trip to Iowa last week! It still amazes me that they have such confidence that they want to invest in me by allowing me to go to different places. This trip was a lot different from the last one and was much more low key. (And I didn't delete all the pictures off my phone this time!)

My co-workers and I left Wednesday morning and got to Des Moines early afternoon, where we picked up our rental car (a Nissan Cube, haha!) and checked into our hotel.

After settling into my room and reading for a bit, the president took my co-worker and me out to a nice dinner downtown. Around 7pm we headed back to the hotel where I relaxed and watched TV and read.

The day was fairly leisurely. Our presentation wasn't until the afternoon, so we spent a bit of time going over possible questions, but most of the morning and early afternoon I read my nook and practiced what I was going to say for our presentation.

We presented at 2pm and my co-workers did a great job! I spoke for barely two minutes, but it was a good sized crowd and I was a bit nervous.

That evening, one of my co-workers wasn't feeling well, so the president just took me out for dinner. He made me choose, but google led me astray and we ended up at a sketchy dive bar. The food was greasy, but the conversation and company was great; the president is a man with a vision and is very charismatic and kind. After dinner we went back to the hotel and I spent the evening watching TV and reading. It was so relaxing!

The next morning was also fairly leisurely, as our flight didn't leave until after noon.

At the Denver airport we had the perfect amount of time to grab some food and take our time finding our gate.

I got in around 5:30 Friday evening and was greeted by my family, who then took me out to dinner. It was a quick trip, but I'm so glad I was able to go. I am feeling more confident in my position and have learned so much more about the company and how things work. I wonder where I'll go next? ;)

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