Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Commandment #9: Grow

My senior year of college I took a class called Psychology of Personal Growth taught by the great Les Parrott. One of the objectives of the class was to heighten self-awareness and set goals that lead to a life of health, wholeness, interpersonal effectiveness and fulfillment. We did a variety of assignments, from writing an introduction to ourselves 10 years in the future to doing interviews with friends and family asking them to give us personal feedback. One of my favorite assignments was taking the eharmony personality test that our professor helped write. I loved it so much that I convinced all my roommates to take it too. This class was about learning about me, my strengths and weakness, setting goals and growing into a better person.

This is a commandment that has become especially important to me since finishing college. One of my favorite professors would always say that if you are not growing you are stagnant. It’s one or the other. I tend to agree. I think it’s so important to continue learning and bettering yourself. It shouldn’t stop with school or a relationship or a job. Growing and becoming is an on-going, life-long process.

See your future.
Think big.
What does it take to get there?
Ignite your passion.
Rise above your circumstances.
Accept yourself for who you are.
Set goals.

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