Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BOI to IND and back again

Hello friends! It has been far too long! I have been dying to come back and share what I've been up to, but I have been far too busy. As I mentioned in my last post, I went on a work trip to Indianapolis. I was pretty nervous, considering I've never traveled for work before, but I worried for nothing. It was a great trip! SUPER busy and exhausting, but so fun! Unfortunately, I managed to delete a bunch of my pictures off my phone, but thankfully I had still used my camera too. So here's a little recap of my trip. Forgive all the silly self-portraits. What's a girl to do? :)

I bought a Missoni bag from Target with a gift card from work. They wanted to let their employees know they appreciated them. I definitely feel appreciated! This bag was absolutely perfect for my trip!


After a long day of travel, (BOI to DEN to IND), we checked into our hotel after 11pm. None of us realized that Indianapolis is on Eastern Time, we all thought it was Central. Needless to say, we all felt the jet lag. This was the view from my hotel room. Speaking of which, this was the first time I ever stayed in a hotel by myself.


We met early, set up our table, attending the openings and key note speaker. After running into a favorite customer, my boss decided my co-worker and I needed to take his wife out for lunch and shopping in the afternoon. So after a delicious lunch at Buca di Beppo, I introduced F and K to shopping H&M. After all, what fun is a per diem if you can't enjoy it? Haha!

That evening my boss took our customer, his wife, my co-workers and myself out to dinner at St. Elmo Steakhouse. It was quite the experience and some of the most expensive food I've ever eaten. I had the halibut with green beans and wine. mmm.... And of course, my boss MADE us order dessert.

This is the dress I bought at H&M. A girl can't have too many LBDs. I convinced my co-worker to get this dress in a burnt orange color.


T, K and I met in morning so T could help us study for our Electrical Systems test, since we missed class while we were in Indianapolis. We spent nearly four hours covering all the material, but by the end I could tell you the difference between a Grounded Wye Circuit and Delta Circuit. :) We worked up quite the appetite studying so I suggested we walk over to Jimmy Johns for lunch. The afternoon consisted of homework and talking to people. 

That evening we met for a social hour and banquet. The entertainment was a ventriloquist who had many people in tears from all the laughter. From there I quickly headed up to pack and unwind with a little Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


Packing up and heading to the airport.

One last picture out my window.

Saying goodbye to Indiana.

Once I got home I had to study for my test the next day, unpack and repack for our Seattle/Whistler trip. I was absolutely exhausted, but somehow I managed to get it all done. And I even got a 96% on my test. :)

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