Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Post: She Breathes Deeply

I am so pleased to have the lovely Mandy sharing some words of wisdom on my blog today. Mandy is a fashionable, tattooed, Jesus-loving, holy-yoga practicing, mother of Lily and wife of Kyle. I have been reading her blog for almost a year and I always enjoy what she has to share, I hope you do too! Thanks Mandy!

Hello Heatherlydee readers! My name is Mandy and I run a blog called www.shebreathesdeeply.com . Heather asked me to do a guest blog today, and I am so excited to be here with you all.

Two years and two months ago I married my best friend, Kyle. He is my soul mate, and my match in every which way.
I can see God's fingerprints all over how we met and fell in love. Before I met Kyle, I had a hard time imagining that there would ever be such a man as him out there for me. (This is a whole other story in itself.) In the years before I met him, I started writing letters and cards to my future husband, and storing them away in a box to give to the man I would marry someday… and that is what I want to talk about today… Writing letters to your future husband.
So, all you single ladies-- listen up!

I think I must have been 14 years old when I wrote my first letter to my future husband. I am sure the letter was completely cheesy, and dripping with 14 year old girl sentiment. But looking back I am SO glad I wrote those letters. Over the next 4 or so years I continued to write tons of letters to the man I would someday marry. I had quite the collection awaiting my man of mystery, who was out there somewhere in the great abyss. Sadly, I became a little more jaded towards relationships as I grew older. My letters tapered off. I made some bad decisions relationship wise. But by the GRACE OF GOD, Jesus made all things new and beautiful in my life. And THANK YOU JESUS I didn't throw away all my adolescent letters to my future love.

When Kyle and I were engaged to be married, I remembered my box full of letters, and I gave them to him. Be still my heart... Ladies, let me tell you… Every single letter I wrote was worth it. Kyle and I sat and read years of love letters wrote to him, even when I didn't know my future husband's name. I watched my husband-to-be light up with joy. I watched tears roll down his face as he carefully read each letter. He hugged me tightly at the end, and it made all the years of writing letters worth it.

So. My point here is this. If you are a single lady who is prayerfully awaiting her knight in shining armor… don't give up, and don't become jaded. Follow the Lord with all you heart, mind, and strength. Write your husband love letters. Store them away for that special man you dream of. Only the love of your life; the man God designed for you deserves to read those letters.

I promise… if you wait for the right man that God has for you… every letter will be worth it.


p.s. Come visit my blog if you like, and say hello! www.shebreathesdeeply.com

She Breathes Deeply


  1. Love this! My husband wrote letters to his future wife, and gave them to me when he proposed -- so sweet! :) I agree, God has the perfect person picked out :)

  2. I have been thinking about doing this. Thanks Mandy!