Thursday, August 18, 2011


Late Tuesday night, or early Wednesday morning, depending on how you look at it, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine. Eric is headed off to seminary in Missouri. I am so proud of what he is doing, but it was sure hard to see him go. I have known Eric and his family about 15 years. We have had some fun times together. When I spent a year at Concordia in California, Eric was my person. He was my best friend and saw me through some hard times.

Tuesday night we hung out with him and some friends to send him off. It was a silly night with pizza, ice cream, Munchkins and many conversations about potatoes. I'm going to miss that boy.

This is the mix that I made for his road trip basket. (Click to enlarge.)

Eric's road trip basket. Snacks. Music. Stuff Christians Like.

Last week after dinner at the Matador. Ashlee. Eric. Heather.

We have had the time of our lives
And now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget the faces left behind
It's hard to walk away from the best of days
But if it has to end, I'm glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives
-Tyrone Wells

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