Thursday, August 25, 2011

Commandment #2: Be Better, Not Bitter

There are a couple (okay, many) situations in my life that haven't gone how I thought they should. (Example: boys, work, finances, etc.) Obviously God has other plans for me, but the hurt and disappointment is still there and moving on is often easier said than done. My head tries to reconcile with my heart, but my heart doesn't always want to listen. I am not the best at letting go.

I am learning (the hard way) that I have two choices: I can allow the hurt to turn into bitterness and let it consume me OR I can turn those situations into learning experiences, grow from them and become a better person. From now on I ALWAYS want to choose the latter. Holding onto the bitterness is such a heavy burden. I'm tired of living in the past and hoping for a different outcome. (It's like when I watch Titanic and pray that this time it won't sink. Every. Time.) It has already happened, so it is time to move forward.

I want to turn the difficult parts of life around and use them for GOOD and for God's glory. Life is hard enough without allowing the bad to consume you. We CANNOT control what happens to us, but we ALWAYS have a CHOICE in how we respond. This will always be a conscious and intentional choice that I will have to make. In the moment it might be difficult to keep the bitterness at bay, but with a little effort and some perspective I bet it will become easier over time. So from here on out I CHOOSE better over bitter.


“Am I bitter? No, I’m better. I’m a better person because of the experience, for…
through the pain I learned compassion,
through the doubts I learned to trust,
through the fear I learned faith,
through the rejection I saw God’s amazing hand of protection,
and through the darkness, I saw the Light.”
-excerpt from Wildnerness Skills for Women


  1. That is such a great way to look at life! Just remember that sometimes it is okay to feel a little sorry for yourself as long as you don't wallow in it.

  2. Super great reminder!!

    But I'm also sometimes guilty of playing the "victim" card. I do believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us. And things happen then ARE out of our control. But there are plenty of things that are in our control. When I feel like I don't have enough money, can't find a job, feel a teacher graded my assignment unfairly, whatever- I remind myself that I need to work HARDER. Which isn't always easy. But I do think we are partially in charge of creating our own destinies. Just gotta reach right out there and take it! :)