Thursday, July 14, 2011


My loves,

It’s been too long. I was talking with my sister yesterday about how I sit down to blog and nothing happens. Perhaps I just haven’t had anything to say or the energy to say anything. That’s okay though. I’ve needed some space to think and be.

Here’s just a little update of life.

As you may know I’ve been on the hunt for a job for over two years. Ugh. Just writing that is enough to discourage me; it’s been a rough couple of years. In March, partly due to my Happiness Project and partly due to great friends, I signed up with a temp agency. Quickly I was assigned to a call center position, but after three weeks I knew I couldn’t stay any longer. I waited patiently and looked for other positions…nothing. There were possibilities, but due to our trip to Savannah and road trip across the country it was difficult to apply anywhere and be like “oh, and I need two weeks off right away.”

Amazingly enough I was called for a week long position a couple weeks before my trip. (Thank you God!) It was perfect and I was grateful. Here I am nearly two months later at the same position. I am working at a Lineman College as an administrative assistant, grading tests, placing orders, taking phone calls and doing all sorts of projects. I am still a “temp”, but it definitely has the potential to turn into a permanent position. While this isn’t my dream job, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. I have always thought that if I was given the chance to be placed in front of an employer that I would have no problem proving myself.


I am so grateful for how God provides and in ways I would never imagine. He always provides. Without fail. While my office can be busy enough to drive you mad, like today was, I am enjoying the challenge of prioritizing and learning new tasks, as well as getting to know new people. I have really connected with a co-worker, this week especially. She has taken the time to share with me about how the office works, has answered countless questions I have and has taught me about many different office tasks. I appreciate her so much.

So while I never could have imagined myself working at a Lineman College (I didn't even know what a lineman was until I started!), I am excited for this opportunity to propel me forward to whatever is next in my life.

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  1. I still have no idea what a "lineman" is. All I can think of is some football position lol!