Tuesday, July 19, 2011

confessions and passions

Okay. Confession time. My sister and I have been watching Make It or Break It all last week and this week. I absolutely love it. It’s a little late for me, but I want to be a gymnast now. Ha! But then again after watching Grey’s Anatomy I wanted to be a surgeon (minus the blood and guts, plus McDreamy), after Celebrity Rehab I wanted to be a psychiatrist and after Biggest Loser I wanted to be a personal trainer. Perhaps I'm a bit impressionable? ;)

I love this show in particular for a couple reasons. I’ve never thought about the lives of elite athletes or Olympic hopefuls before and I find it completely fascinating. (Yes, I know, it’s only a TV show.) It amazes me that such young people already know what they want in life and work so hard to achieve their goals. They are focused, determined and disciplined. (Okay, in the show they are distracted too, but that’s just to add drama.) They are champions fighting for their dreams. I’m almost jealous of what they have. Their goals are specific, measurable and even tangible.

I suppose that’s why I’m drawn to this show. I want what they have. I want to be so passionate about something that I want to get up and do it all day, every day. Their love of the sport is so beautiful. While to some it may only be silly competitions, to them it everything; it is life. I want to want something that bad. As usual, I feel so lost. Yes, I am working and that’s great, but I’m not necessarily excited about it. I’m trying to figure out what I want from life and what I need to do to get there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion lately. I tried to make a list of passions, (music, art, relationships, food, God, health, fashion, books, movies) but I think I just wound up with a list of interests and hobbies. I’m trying to figure out the difference. I read this article a couple weeks ago about finding passion. I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think makes something a passion? What are you passionate about? Are you actively pursuing your passion? Why or why not? Are you working to turn your passion into a career? Is your passion your vocation?



  1. I have two passions in my life I'd say, food/diets because of my own food allergies and having to be on gluten free diet so I'm constantly researching foods and different diets like vegetarian or macrobiotic etc. And then sustainability was totally a God thing, I just suddenly felt this calling to it, a calling to be a steward of the land, and I knew if I didn't get involved somehow I'd regret it. But I still have no idea what a "career" will look like after my degree so I'm just trusting God and each step of this passion has been a step of faith. But I liked what Oprah said in her very last show it was something to the effect that you're calling doesn't have to be your career, some people are lucky enough to have it one in the same, but a calling isn't always the thing that will pay the bills, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. So as I graduate I'm trying to remember that, yes I spent a ton of money on grad school but education is important to me and if my work doesn't end up being in sustainability there are other ways to still be involved and make changes. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, but those are my thoughts. :) And I think most people our age feel lost most of the time, I sure do, even being in school.

  2. I know how you feel. I always had so many interests growing up and jumped from one thing to another. I always wish my parents had forced me to stick with something so I could have at least one thing I excelled at but they didn't. Of course, had they tried to force me I probably would've ended up hating it.

    I guess I feel like there's a balance. As a culture we seriously lack discipline, but we're also emotionally driven. There's the idea that what we do (job) has to be something we're totally passionate about and love. That our jobs need to fulfill us, be enjoyable, makes us happy to an extent. And I'm not sure that's really true.

    I mean, I'd never stay at a job I was miserable at, but I have a job I am good at and like doing...but it's not something I thought I'd do or a "passion." I wonder if God wants us to glorify Him in all we do, be thankful for jobs that provide for our families rather than "fulfill" us, and work on our approach to working rather than the job itself. If everyone followed their passions would we just end up having a country full of artists and no one willing to clean toilets? (Cuz I mean, who is passionate about that?)

    I dunno, I guess I share all that because it's something I struggle with. I dream about living a passionate life. There are so many things I love (like your list of interests---so similar). But is that a cultural thing? Aren't most people in the world more concerned with finding clean water and surviving? It makes me feel guilty that some people would kill for my job and I'm over here depressed that my job isn't fun enough.

    Maybe living passionately means enjoying the simple pleasures, passionately serving God and others, being disciplined in things (like gymnastics!), but always finding our fulfillment and true passion in God and in our relationships...doing it all in a way that is less focused on ourselves and more on others.

    I don't know...