Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Civil Wars

I have been wanted to share this with you for awhile, but the days seem to be flying by before I can sit down and write. Last Monday Ashlee and I went to see The Civil Wars perform at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise. If you know me personally or follow me on twitter, you know how much I adore The Civil Wars; I just can’t seem to contain my love for them. I want to wrap myself in their music and free fall into their voices.

I’ve been watching their tour dates, hoping and wishing they’d stop in Boise. I freaked out when I saw they were coming! I planned to buy my tickets as soon as they were released, which was kind of silly of me, but I couldn’t help it. I called the box office immediately after some trouble buying tickets online. The girl said that I was the first one to buy tickets and since it was assigned seating asked where I wanted to sit. Um, hello?! The front row, please! Needless to say, I’d been counting down the days.

I was so impressed with the Egyptian Theater! I’m not a fan of crowds because I think it brings out the stupid in people, but the assigned seating helped to counteract that. The theater was found in the 1920s and is lovely inside. Ashlee and I may have had front row seats, but I would have been happy sitting anywhere in the theater.

Rayland Baxter opened for The Civil Wars. I had never heard of him before and was delighted to hear him play. It was just him and his guitar, singing about love and women, birds and mountains. Ashlee and I picked up his CD, which unfortunately isn’t available anywhere else yet, but you can listen to some of his stuff online.

The Civil Wars were up next and they were even better than I imagined. (Side note: I LOVED Joy’s dress! I want one just like it!) I’m pretty sure they played every song off Barton Hollow, plus some from their EP and a couple covers. I was in heaven. Their set was understated, as is their album; just their voices, a guitar and occasionally a keyboard. I love seeing bands interact with each other on stage, John Paul and Joy were no exception. They were silly and fun, yet passionate and moving. They sang, danced and laughed, for us and with us. It was a lovely night.

Before we took our seats we stopped by the merch table and I picked up a copy of Barton Hollow on vinyl. Lucky for us, after the show was over Joy and John Paul went outside and greeted their fans. As much as I miss seeing shows in Los Angeles, I was grateful to be in Boise. The Civil Wars sold out three shows in Los Angeles and seeing as how Boise is smaller (and didn’t sell out), we wouldn’t have had the same opportunity to meet them.

Because of where Ashlee and I stood after the show was over we were some of the first to say hi, have them sign my record and get a picture with them. As we said goodbye and turned to leave, Joy said something to the effect of, “Such tall and gorgeous ladies.” Haha! So sweet. I wish I could have spent more time getting to know them. They were such a delight! Afterward, Ashlee and I walked back to our car, squealing and screaming along the way. What a wonderful night!

Photos by Allister Anne

Stop by The Civil Wars website and read their amazing bio. Plus, click on FREE and download Live at Eddie's Attic. I wanted to post four videos of them singing, but figured one was enough. If you have time I recommend watching more, but then again I'm a bit obsessed. ;)


  1. sounds so fun! i miss going to concerts together. :(

  2. awe... so fun! their music is amazing!! i met Joy a long time ago & she is so sweet & lovely!! :) looks like it was a fun night!

  3. Oh gosh! I love them so much! I hope to go to one of their concerts!

  4. Hey, my name is (also) Heather, I just came across your blog whilst searching for Sylvia Plath stuff ... and I pinned a ton of your pictures to my pinterest boards. Love your work! xo