Friday, June 3, 2011


Today we started our road trip. We left bright and early after finishing last minute packing. Then we drove and drove and then we stopped for Pinkberry and drove some more. I'm so detailed, right? ;)

Leaving Savannah at 7:00am

We got into Nashville early in the afternoon. After re-grouping at the Whittaker's, we freshened up and grabbed dinner at Baja Burritos. From there we went downtown and explored Broadway with all the crazy tourist shops and bars.

Like Ashlee, I really liked Ernest Tubb Record Shop. The people were really friendly and helpful, plus they let Ashlee take all the pictures she wanted there. I found Taylor Swift's Speak Now on vinyl and I couldn't help myself!

Exploring downtown Nashville

We are back at the Whittaker's now and are showering and getting ready for an early bedtime because tomorrow will be another 8 hour day on the road. Well, I am going to go grab a snack and say goodnight to Ginger and Tanny. Night loves.

You can read Ashlee's post here for more details of today.

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