Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Wrap Up and July Goals

Here is my June recap. I can't believe the year is half way over!

-Find more fun
-Take time to be silly
-Go off the path
-Start a collection
-Make time for friends

June has been an incredibly FULL month. When June began I was in Georgia with Ashlee and Jenny, packing and preparing for our road trip across the county. While we were busy before we left, we did find time to walk around and enjoy Savannah. One of my favorite parts was dinner at a little French restaurant; I got a zucchini soup, fries and we all got macarons. I'd never had French macarons before. They were heavenly! Lavender. Nutella. Lemon. Delicious! It was a LONG drive across the country, but we had so much fun along the way. Things didn't always go as planned (road closures, etc), but we are all good at going with the flow and making the most of our time together.

You can read about our stops here: Nashville, Springfield, Lexington, Salt Lake City, Boise and watch our video HERE.


After the road trip my mom, sister and I went out of town to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday. There were probably three different events throughout the weekend, so we were always on the go. Plus, I am working full time at my temp job and trying to help out around the house while my dad is out of town working on fires. (He is a Fire Information/Prevention officer and is usually gone a lot during the summer. He is currently working in Texas; he's been gone for two weeks and will be gone two more. I haven't even seen him this month!)

While my dad is gone, my sister, mom and I make the most of our girl time together. We've watched a handful of chick-flicks at home and have gone to the movies twice, plus we've eaten out at some great places (The Matador, Boise Fry Company, Qdoba) and gone on walks together.

All that to say, it has been a fun month. I won't go through each goal as I've done previously (January, February, March, April, May). Overall, I believe I've accomplished what I wanted to. I didn't start a new collection, but I added to my record collection. I bought Taylor Swift's Speak Now in Nashville and The Civil Wars Monday night (which John Paul and Joy signed!!!). I guess that counts. I still want to make more time for friends, but it is hard when we either have opposite schedule or live hundreds of miles apart. I suppose that is where next months goals come into play.

For July my theme is Friends and my goals are as follows.

July: Friends
-Be generous
-Show up
-Don't gossip
-Make a new friend
-Write cards to friends near and far

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