Saturday, May 28, 2011

You're a good man, Tyrone Wells!

First of all, I just have to say, my sister is AMAZING! Over a month ago she saw that Tyrone was playing a show in Boise and tweeted him to see if they needed merch help again. He said YES and we got excited. I forgot about it until earlier this week, when the sister reminded me that along with everything else we need to do to get ready for our road trip (laundry, clean house, etc.), we had to go help Tyrone last night. Such a burden! JK! haha! ;)

Being girls in debt, living at home, it was awesome to get to see his show for free in exchange for selling his cds and shirts that I love. It was great to see Tyrone and his drummer/manager, Mark, again. They are such authentic and genuine people, as are the rest of his band. We also got to meet one of Tyrone's sisters who lives in town, she was so sweet. Oh, and Nate Fowler, from Boise, opened for Tyrone. Overall, it was such a great show! Ashlee and I were glad we had our little space behind the merch table, because The Reef was totally packed. It was such a great spot to see the stage and have enough room to dance. :)

Heather. Tyrone. Ashlee. (Ash said he could be our brother!)

Awkward story, we finished merch and Mark closed us out, but we couldn't find Tyrone. I decided that I'd go to the bathroom while we waited to find him. So I walk over to the bathroom, put my hand on the door to go in, looked down the hall and Tyrone is coming out of the bathroom. I awkwardly stopped and was like, "Hey, we were looking for you!" Haha! Nothing like meeting a musician you love in the bathroom hallway. I'm sure he's had more awkward things happen to him, but I thought it was kind of funny. We had a nice little conversation before heading home for the night. Tyrone is so incredibly kind and humble. I'm looking forward to his new album! :)

Ashlee and I leave MONDAY for Savannah! We are so excited to see our Jenny-boo! Like I said earlier, there is so much to do before we leave, but I also have tons I want to share with you. So stay tuned! (Haha! That sounds funny, like I'm a tv show or something. Don't worry, no commercials.)

Coming soon: May wrap up and June goals for My Happiness Project. Reunion with Jenny. Road trip.

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  1. AH MY GOSH!! I cannot believe you saw/talked/hung out with Tyrone Wells!!! I recently found just one simple song of his, and I'm absolutely in lovee!! I'm jealous, er, happy that you got to see him, and I'm definitely looking into his concerts and if he's coming to CA. :)