Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Are you on twitter? I LOVE it! I originally didn’t want an account, but my sister kept bothering me and ended up making one for me. I guess I owe her big! I’ve been on twitter for over two years and it still amazes me how it connects people. Yes, it is a social networking sight, as are MySpace and Facebook, but twitter is unique.

I’ve tried to explain it to people who don’t understand, but it is really something you must do and participate in to grasp. You can follow people with the same interests and passions, as well as celebrities, authors, musicians, bloggers and friends and you have 140 characters in which to share your thoughts. It’s like Facebook status on a sugar high.

I love using it not only to connect with people, but also as a way of documenting my life. I even use twitter to get my news and it is always instant and up to date. It is fun to look back on previous months or favorite tweets and remember exactly what I was doing. Because of twitter I have had the opportunity to meet/connect with so many amazing people.

Without twitter:

I wouldn’t have gone to The Ting Tings Secret Paint Party in Los Angeles. (September 2009)

Amanda wouldn’t have found me and become one of my very best friends who I have never met in real life because she lives across the country in Maine.

I wouldn’t have learned about the McRae family and sweet Kate.

Justin Bieber wouldn’t be following me. ;)

I wouldn’t have connected with the lovely ladies, Rachel and Kelli and the sweet couple, Erin and Will.

I wouldn’t own a copy of Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury, that I won in a twitter giveaway.

I wouldn’t have connected with people in my own town, like Brandi and Matt.

I never would have learned about The Kind Campaign.

I wouldn’t have “watched” The Royal Wedding with my bff in Georgia, Jenny.

And one of the very coolest things:

I wouldn’t have met and had dinner with Carlos Whittaker! That’s right, earlier this month Carlos tweeted that he had the day off in Boise, so my sister and I made plans to meet up with him and take him out to dinner at The Matador. He is the real deal. We had such a fun dinner, getting to know each other better and of course talking about how awesome twitter is. ;)

Carlos is such an authentic and cool guy, not to mention he has a beautiful and cool family. We actually are going to stay with them when we stop in Nashville on our road trip. How amazing it that?! I can’t wait to meet the rest of his family.

So thank you twitter for being so awesome. I love you.

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  1. Aww thanks for the shout out! I LOVE twitter- which is no surprise! :)

    I just met LA Idiot from and Jen Friel from last night because of twitter. LOVE IT.