Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Other One

Hey everyone! This is Ashlee over at The Lovelee Girl, also known as Heather's twin sister. The other day we were joking and she told me to blog for her. Little did she know, I'd actually do it. She's been working hard lately at her temp job and hasn't had as much time for blogging as she'd like. I hacked into her blogger account and saw she didn't have a blog post for today so I figure I'd help her out.

Our parents started a family later in life and lucky (or not) for them, they got a two-fer with Heather and me. It's always just been the two of us and we're really best friends. We have our fair share of fights, but we always make up. I'll never understand why people think it's funnier when twins fight than when other siblings do. I digress.

We've gotten some really strange "twin" questions and comments over the years. Some of the most unique experiences include the time a woman asked if she could touch us because she wanted to have twins someday. At 8 years old we even knew it doesn't work that way. One lady yelled, "Come look at the twins" to a friend she was with. Hey people, we're not in the circus! A girl asked Heather if she had a twin and what she looked like.

Some of the most common twin questions we get are:
Do you like being a twin?
Can you read each other's minds?
Do you have your own secret language?
When one of you gets hurt does the other one feel it?
Who's older?
Which one of you is the good twin and which one is the evil twin?
Do you like the same things?

To answer some of the questions, since I'm sure you're all wondering. We've never NOT been twins, so I guess we like it. It's great to sort of have a built-in best friend, but it's also just the same as having another sibling, we just happen to look alike.

Just like having any other kind of best friend, when you get to know someone really well you end up knowing what the other person is thinking at times. We've had conversations in the past that went as follows, "Those one people are here." "Those one people?" "Yeah, those one people." Of course we both knew exactly who those "one people" were. There was another time when Heather said, "Um, oh never mind." I then proceeded to repeat back to her exacly what she was thinking but didn't say outloud.

I'm 25 minutes older than Heather is, and sometimes in the past I've hung this over her head. I found out yesterday that my mom HATED when we read the Sweet Valley books because she said I always associated myself as the bad twin. I don't remember this, but I'll take her word for it. We have similar interests, but also try to be our own people. We will NEVER understand the twins who are so dependent on each other. OR the twins who marry twins and have babies at the same time. CREEPY! We've made a pact that we will never marry twins, well unless only one of us marries one of them.

It's typical for someone to say, "I always wanted to be a twin." or "If I had a twin I'd make them do my chores and my homework." Just like any other sibling, there's NO WAY you'd actually get them to do that stuff for you. Haha

I hope you've enjoyed my little post. I didn't actually expect it to be this long, but I got carried away a bit. Anyway, I love you Heather! You're an amazing women and I'm so lucky to be your sister and best friend! Cheers to all you who follow her blog!


  1. I love when I'm with you guys and you get awkward twin questions. People are so weird.

  2. Haha, I loved reading this post. I had no idea people asked so many stupid twin questions! :P

  3. Blessings to you, your Dad and family with your University placement.

    And may you and your twin be in less media controversies than the Olsen twins!;)