Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Wrap-Up and April Goals

March: Work
-Create a routine
-Work smart, work hard
-Apply for 10 jobs a week
-Ask for help
-Book six tastings (for March and into April)

March has been such an interesting and surprising month. If you are a friend, family member or faithful reader, you may know about my happiness project. In January I tried to boost my energy. In February I played around with creativity and March was for getting serious with work.

So this is where I’m at:

I’m learning a new routine as I have started my temp job, but my current routine needs improvement. The month started strong as I was daily doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and job searching, but so much has changed and I am still searching for balanced and well rounded routine.

Working smart and working hard is a pretty subjective goal, but I think I have done well. I went to a job search workshop, connected with a temp agency and started working.

I did not however, apply for 10 jobs a week. That was actually more challenging than I had anticipated, but I did learn better ways to go about my job search.

Asking for help was probably the hardest thing to do. It’s not easy to humble yourself and admit you need help. (I can do this on my own thank you very much.) But this was the best thing I could have done ALL month. I received so much amazing feedback when I reached out and I realized that I am not alone. Friends who have been in my situation shared their experiences and knowledge with me and I credit my current temp job to them.

I haven’t really found a place to volunteer, but I did join our church choir and that has been a fun outlet. I am hoping that once I settle into a new routine I can find more volunteer opportunities.

As far as booking tasting and working my Wildtree business, this has fallen to the back burner. My mom hosted an unbelievably successful tasting for me in March, but more bookings have yet to come.

As I said before, March was kind of surprising. While I did have these goals set, job searching is a struggle and I honestly didn’t know if I would end the month with a job. God has indeed provided for me. While I am only in a temp job that is rather monotonous, I am so grateful. I pray that God continues to light my steps.

So now, here we are in April. What is April for? April’s theme is family. And shall I say April once again for good measure? We are almost one fourth of the way through the year! Can you believe it?! I think April has the potential to be such a wonderful month. I'm excited to see what it holds!

My goals for the month are as follows.

-Don’t expect praise or adoration
-Fight right
-Give proofs of love
-Plan a family night (with no electronics)
-Take my family out for dinner (at The Matador, of course!)


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