Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a look back

Yesterday one of my friends posted on facebook that three years ago was our DCE Intern Placement Ceremony and another friend wrote a blog post looking back. I also realized that four years ago today I flew down to Irvine by myself to visit Concordia. It seems like a lifetime ago. I was a different person back then.

My experience moving to California (why I started my blog), attending Concordia Irvine and interning at my placement church stretched me, tried me, built me up, tore me down and helped to grow me into the woman I am today. As many trials as I faced, there was also so much joy and I wouldn't trade that time in my life for anything. Living in California was one of the best times of my life and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Below are links to blogs I wrote in April of each of the last three years, inspired by Dani's look back on Livejournal. Click on the dates to read the original posts.

I wish I had started blogging earlier so I could share with you April 2007 when I visited Concordia. It was one of those experiences where everything falls into place and you are filled with a peace that this is exactly where you are supposed to be. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend filled with so many little blessings.

Walking around on campus during my visit.

April 8, 2008: Three days before placement ceremony (this post kind of blows me away)

April 11, 2008: The night of the placement ceremony

Right after I was told my placement.

The next day exploring with dad.

April 7, 2009: During my internship year (a pretty intense post)

I couldn't have survived my internship year without these girls.

April 3, 2010: A reminder from a fellow DCE

Where were you three or four years ago? How have you changed?


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  2. I'm so glad that you came to Concordia!
    It's crazy to look back through the years like that, isn't it? I enjoyed reading through your posts (even remember many of them!) and seeing all the crazy stretching God has done.

    He's really stretched me in the past 4 years, too. (I went to Concordia ONLY to get my teaching credential. I had no intention of meeting/marrying some crazy Lutheran! And here I am, four years later, married to one--lol--and never have had the opportunity to use the credential I worked so had for. Oh well, most stretching is good, and I'm thankful for the life God laid out for me! Even if you/we Lutherans are a bunch of nutballs sometimes...:-P)

    It's fun to reminisce about our CUI days...meeting in Lower Quads to carpool to church and having to throw rocks at Jesse's window to wake our driver up! Lol!

    ♥ Bethany