Monday, March 7, 2011

What To Say When The Ducks Show Up

I, FOR ONE, am going to know what to say when the ducks show up. I've made a list of phrases, and although I don't know which one to use yet, they are all good enough in case they showed up tomorrow. Many people won't know what to say when the ducks show up, but I will. Maybe I'll say, "Oh ducks, oh ducks, oh ducks," or just "ducks wonderful ducks!" I practice these sayings every day, and even though the ducks haven't come yet, when they do, I'll know what to say.

Excerpt from Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin



  1. I love Steve Martin's books! I need to read the ones I haven't yet! And I want a sink full of baby ducks! amazing.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I just went looking for it as my copy of "Cruel Shoes" is currently packed away somewhere and wanted this for a specific purpose.

    A very pointy pointy purpose. :)