Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have endlessly been looking for the right job. You may remember one of my goals for the month is to apply to 10 jobs a week. That is SO not happening and I'm getting very discouraged. I find jobs that are career specific or don't pay enough or that I'm over qualified for. I've been searching online a lot: craigslist, simply hired, the department of labor, career builder, etc.

I wanted to lighten the mood and share with you twenty jobs that I DID NOT apply for today. I don't think they need any explanation.

1. Aquatic Group Fitness Instructor
2. Neurological Occupational Therapist
3. Security Guard
4. Dog and Cat Stylist
5. Karate Instructor
6. Taxi Cab Driver
7. Floral Designer
8. Meat and Seafood Manager
9. Taco Bell Restaurant General Manager
10. Middle School Vice Principal
11. Sprinkler Technician
12. Professional Tattoo Artist/Piercer
13. Hungry Neanderthal
14. Sous Chef
15. Easter Bunny
16. Country Bass Player
17. Wildland Fire Fighter
18. Asphalt Maintenance Laborer
19. RN
20. Dancer (not the ballerina kind if you catch my drift)

Here are five jobs that I DID apply for:
1. Office Assistant at a dermatologist
2. JCrew Sales Associate
3. Administrative Assistant at a law office
4. Pre-school teacher
5. Medical Receptionist

I'm saying lots of prayers that I will find just the right position. I know that I could work at the fire center again from May-November if I needed to, but I don't think I could physically or emotionally handle it. I need a real job that will move me forward.

Do you have any tips or tricks for job searching?



  1. Um why didn't you apply to be a dog and cat stylist?? haha!

  2. Does your college offer job listings? I always look at Boise State's! Plus they subscribe to a national college job database which is helpful. Check with your school.

  3. I hope something wonderful comes your way soon!
    And um...hungry neanderthal? I'm so! What kind of job is that?!?

    ♥ Bethany

  4. You don't want to be a hungry neaderthal? What kind of job is that anyway?

    I have a lot of recommendations -- some of them you may already be doing -- but here they are anyway (coming from someone who has been there!).

    1. Tailor your resume and cover letter to every job you apply to. We are hiring at my work right now and I won't even look at someone's application if their cover letter is too generic.

    2. Come up with your 30 second "elevator pitch." This is basically a quick spiel on what kind of job you're looking for and how awesome you are. That way when you meet people who ask you what you do, you have something to say! Hopefully they will remember you and let you know if they hear of anything matching your skills!

    3. If you apply for a job and you have a connection (know someone who is connected to the company or hiring manager) ask them to write a short recommendation email. Some people don't feel comfortable doing this, but it is totally appropriate and likely to get you an interview if you are reasonably qualified.

    4. It kind of sucks, but I recommend temp work. It looks better for your resume to stay busy. Also when perm positions become available, companies would MUCH RATHER hire a temp that they know instead of some random person. If you're interested, look for reputable temp agencies in your area --temp offices should look and feel very professional. (I recommend Office Team if you have it in Boise). Also be warned that you may have to harrass a recruiter to get them to call you back because they are super busy. it's worth a phone call or email once a week or so to get a meeting with the recruiter and then every week after that until they put you out on a job. Persistence pays off in this industry.

    Hopefully that kind of maybe helps. Job searching sucks, but I know there is something out there for you!