Wednesday, February 2, 2011

goodbye fear: #8

Hi friends. I want to be sure that during these 30 days of remixing that I don't forget the focus of my blog. Yeah, I like posting about what I wear, fashion and what not, but that is not the sole purpose of my blog. I like sharing about my life and my faith as well.

I wanted to share something exciting with you. Actually, you may not think that it is exciting in the least, but it is a pretty big deal for me. It relates to #8 of my twelve commandments. Let me share some of the back story with you first.

I first picked up the guitar in a sixth grade music class and learned a little bit, but didn't touch one again until college. In college I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and took a beginning guitar class, which led to an intermediate guitar class. I say that it's out of my comfort zone because I don't feel musically gifted at all and therefore I have not been confident in my limited abilities. Signing up for those classes was a big deal for me.

Through those two classes in college I grew tremendously. I had an amazing teacher! I could read music, I knew a handful of chords and was actually confident. Unfortunately life got away from me and I stopped practicing after those classes were over. A couple years later my cousin gave me her guitar and except for the rare occasion it has stayed in the case.

I guess you could say it became a point of fear in my life. The guitar would sit in it's case, by my bookshelf and mock me. "You have not taken a class in years and you don't have a teacher now. You are not going to be able to remember to read music or form chords. You are not musically gifted. This does not come natural to you. You don't have the guts to try."

My guitar has been yelling especially loud these past couple weeks. This week I shut it up, or I guess, made it sing. (I know, corny!) I pulled it out of the case, tuned the strings (which was a feat in itself!), opened up my beginners book and started relearning my notes and chords. Yes, I get frustrated looking at my old notes, remembering how much I did know, but I was surprised how much is coming back to me.

I have a long way to go, but each time I pick up my guitar I have a surge of pride for looking fear in the face and moving ahead any way.


What is holding you back?
What would you do if you weren't scared?

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  1. I am super behind on blog reading...I have been thinking about how much I miss music in my life and really want to pick up guitar again too. Maybe we can encourage each other? :)