Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happiness Project January Update

A big HELLO to all my new readers and my old faithfuls!

As I said here, I am working on a happiness project this year. I want to share an update on how things are going. There have been so many unexpected personal things come up that my project has really become challenging, but because of those things I'm finding I need to cling to my project all the more. Every morning and every night I read over my twelve commandments and I remind myself that this is a process.

This month I am working on energy. My resolutions for the month are as follows.

1. Go to sleep earlier
2. Exercise better
3. No coffee or pop
4. Act more energetic
5. Organize

1. Sleep and I don't get along well, we haven't for years and years. So I was curious if going to bed earlier would make a difference. I've found that it really varies for me. For awhile I did excellent going to bed early. It becomes more difficult over the weekend or nights when I go out with friends, but I think that's okay. Do you have tips or tricks that help you fall asleep? Or a routine before bedtime?

2. With exercise I'm not doing as much as I'd like, but I am doing much better than December. I have been alternating between The Girls Next Door workout, The 30 Day Shred and Wii-Fit yoga. What is your exercise schedule like?

3. When I say no coffee or pop, I am specifically saying no caffeine. So I have indulged in a decaf mocha here and there, but for the most part I don't miss coffee. I do however miss Coke. I love it so much, therefore I have given myself a little loop hole. (Maybe it's cheating, but it's my project.) I allow myself coke in mixed drinks. That way I'm not drinking 2 or 3 cokes a day, but rather very occasionally.

4. Acting more energetic has been a struggle especially with a few personal situations that are hitting me hard right now. Sometimes I feel more exhausted and weary than ever, but I am trying to be intentional in assessing my feelings and responding positively. This is often easier said than done.

5. I have been getting my Wildtree business more organized and I am trying to help pick things up around the house. I feel more calm when things are in their place and I don't have clutter everywhere. This will definitely be a process.


So that is where I am at. This project is not easy and I didn't expect it to be. After all, life is not an easy thing. As I told my dear friend Amanda last week, "The scariest things in life are usually the most rewarding."

As I close, I want to ask for your prayers. I mentioned that I am struggling with some personal things this month and your prayers for healing, guidance, peace and direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks friends!

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