Monday, December 20, 2010

Music Monday: Steve Reynolds- Save Your Best

I discovered Steve Reynolds the other day through Pandora. Thank God for Pandora! I really enjoyed this song. I must get my hands on his album soon!

Your needs and my needs ain't always in line.
Your wants are your wants.
They're not always the same as mine.
And your love is your love,
But it ain't always the forgivin' kind.
And your ways are your ways
But I hope you'll keep me in mind.

And your maze is your maze
But I know you'll get through it fine.
And your world is your world
But I know you'll be home at night.

Save your best for me.
Save your best for me.
And we'll lay it all down.

Chart your course for the coast,
For we won't be lovers and then leave it undone.
Girl, you better guilt yourself awake
'Cuz I'm out here waitin' with the sun.
Pack up your pearls and rings
And I'll bring you everything that I can steal from home.
'Cuz it ain't time to quit your feet.
Well, I'm still out here on the floor.

Put your bags in the basement
'Cuz I don't think we'll be needin' them anymore.
Brush off your skirts and your worst
And step from that line where we've been keepin' score.
Every time there's a creak in your dash,
I know you'll remember that gift from the past.


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