Thursday, October 14, 2010

Virtual Tasting

Hi friends! You may remember last month when I posted here and here about Wildtree. I recently hit my first sales goal and I am working on reaching my second goal.

I need a little over $200 to achieve my second goal as a Wildtree Representative. If you like tasty, healthy food, check out - Click on My Events and order through my Virtual Tasting Party. I will have a drawing to share my rewards--if sales top $200, the winner will receive $40+ in FREE products. If under $200, the winner will receive one of our favorite blends! All orders are due by Oct. 17.

I want to share a write up my mom did about a few of our favorite Wildtree products.

GARLIC GALORE SEASONING BLEND - just a small amount makes almost everything taste delicious!

CHIPOTLE LIME RUB - so fabulous! Makes my mouth water just thinking about grilled chicken with this rub!

GRAPESEED OIL (GSO) - ROASTED GARLIC, BUTTER and BASIL PESTO are my favorites! Use it to replace whatever oil you currently use! It's even healthier than olive oil. It adds great flavor to vegetables, pastas, rice . . .

The three items above (Roasted Garlic GSO) make wicked good chicken fajitas!!!

RANCHER STEAK RUB - super delicious on grilled meats!

CHIPOTLE LIME RICE - perfect accompaniment to the grilled chicken mentioned above!

OPA! GREEK SEASONING BLEND - makes a fabulous Greek salad!

You may also want to check out the Bundles and Best of Wildtree too!

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