Saturday, October 16, 2010

my first wildtree order

Four boxes arrived today full of Wildtree products from my launch party! I went through all the products, separating and bagging them for my customers. It was exhausting, but also really exciting to see what everyone ordered. As the host I got over $100 of free product from my party! There is a wonderful pile of mixes, blends and grapeseed oil on our counter. I can't wait to get cooking.

Don't forget about my Virtual Tasting that goes through tomorrow. You could get all your Christmas shopping done and give some delicious and unique gifts this year!

I need a little over $200 to achieve my second goal as a Wildtree Representative. If you like tasty, healthy food, check out- Click on My Events and order through my Virtual Tasting Party. I will have a drawing to share my rewards--if sales top $200, the winner will receive $40+ in FREE products. If under $200, the winner will receive one of our favorite blends! All orders are due TOMORROW!

Each of the blends are great on meat, vegetables, rice, pasta, etc. It is amazing how just a little of these can add so much flavor to a meal!

The Wildly Blueberry Jam is so delicious, but I haven't tried the syrup yet. Some of my customers ordered both for Christmas gifts.

These are so easy to whip up and make a quick and tasty dessert.

My family tried the Mexican skillet meal and the Stroganoff and loved them. If you are short on time and need a quick meal these are wonderful! So much healthier and tastier than Hamburger Helper!

I LOVE all the grapeseed oils! Grapeseed oil is healthier for you than even olive oil. Replace your regular cooking oils with GSO and you will find your food has more flavor. Also, GSO helps raise good cholesteral and lower bad!

We've only tried the Red Bell Pepper and Garlic Blend, but are excited to give these other products a try!

Wildtree has so many easy mixes. I added raisins and walnuts to the pumpkin bread and was in heaven. I CANNOT wait to try the Molten Lava Cake Mix!

This will be perfect for the holidays! I can't wait to give it a try.

My family tried the White Cheddar Popcorn seasoning a couple weeks ago and it was SO GOOD!

I cannot say enough about how delicious these are! I ordered Ashlee her own bottle of tomatillo sauce because she will just eat it with chips. *See her post about how much she loves it here. We just followed the simple recipe on the Thai sauce and had a delicious meal. *The Thai sauce is peanut free for those of you with allergies.

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