Sunday, August 1, 2010

twenty five

As I mentioned yesterday, today Ashlee and I are celebrating our 25th birthday. We've come a long way.

Daniel's dad, Ken, told us happy birthday this morning at church and then proceeded to tell us what his father in law told him when he turned 25. "It's not going to get any better than the last 25 years." Lol! What a tease!

I truly hope these next years are only going to get better.

Happy birthday sister! Love you!

Baby Heather

Heather and Ashlee: our love of shoes started early.

We fly cuz we hot.

Heather, Mom and Ashlee: 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Heather, Dad and Ashlee: 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Heather and Ashlee: 6th birthday

Heather and Ashlee" 11th birthday (OMG! The bangs!)

Heather and Ashlee: 19th birthday, Family trip to DisneyWorld

Heather and Ashlee: 21st birthday

Megan, Janelle, Veronia, Ashlee, Jessie, Aimee, Heather and Jenny: 24th birthday, Vegas trip with the girls

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