Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Hi friends. This past weekend was awesome! Jenny and Janelle came to visit! They arrived Thursday evening right after Ashlee and I got our hair cut and colored. As you'll see I added red and blonde to my hair, it's feels so different!

Friday we went to Qdoba for lunch and stopped at Target for a few things and left with a few more than we intended. Then we went over to our old elementary school and a near by park for a photo shoot. We took over 300 pictures in an hour! Then we came home and edited pictures and cooked dinner. Friday evening Daniel joined us and we went to the Snake River Stampede Rodeo. We were all pleasantly surprised to find our seats were in the front row! It was so much fun! I loved the rodeo clowns and the barrel racers and the bronc and bull riding was insane! We awarded ourselves the best dressed at the rodeo. Afterward we stopped at Sonic for a snack and then hung out on our patio for a bit before going to bed.

Saturday we slept in, watched The September Issue and made margarita pizza for lunch. Then we proceeded to make the worst decision of the day, we went to the Boise Music Festival. We got there around 3:00pm and found a good spot to lay out our blankets. Luckily the sun moved behind the trees so we had some shade. Soon the crowd was getting on our nerves, people walking through our blankets, bumping us, knocking a drink on Janelle's purse and just being rude. We got fed up, but tried to stick it out. After 7:00 we couldn't deal with people and that's when we made the best decision of the day- to leave. I texted Daniel for a food suggestion downtown and by chance he was having a random bbq at his place. We had such a great time there and were all so grateful to get out of the chaos. There was croquet, a tire swing, telephone pictionary, a fire pit and many silly stories. It was wonderful. While we were there Janelle said, "Does anyone else feel like they're 16 again?" I answered, "Yeah! Isn't it totally wonderful?!"

Sunday morning the girls and I went to bible study, had lunch at Qdoba (again) and ran to Target (again). I bought The Hangover because we had been quoting it all weekend. After watching it and hanging out a bit it was time to take the girls to the airport. It made me so incredibly sad because I had enjoyed my time with Jenny and Janelle so much. There is nothing better than being with friends who know your heart and who you can completely open up and be yourself with. I love those girls so much and I am so grateful they came to visit.

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