Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Relay for Life

At the end of June my family participated in Relay for Life. My mom's friend Lynn passed away a couple months ago from liver cancer so we joined Lynn's daughter's team. The weather was quite terrible that night, but it cleared enough in time for us to walk. It was a beautiful and touching event that almost brought me to tears many times.

When I think about it, many people in my life have been affected by cancer; it is almost startling how many. So that night I walked for all those people who have bravely fought against this terrible disease.

My dad, who was diagnosed with a blood cancer, polycythemia vera in 2004.
My Uncle Roger, who is in remission from prostate cancer.
My Uncle Doug, who is in remission from lymphoma.
My friend Justin, who is in remission from colon cancer.
My twitter friend Ashlee, who is battling liver cancer that has spread to her kidneys and lungs.
Kate McRae, a 6 year who battling a brain tumor.
Matt Chandler, a pastor from Texas, who is battling a brain tumor.
My mom's friend Lynn, who passed away from liver cancer.
Ellie Potvin, an 8 year old who passed away from rhabdomyosarcoma in June.
Layla Grace, a 2 year old who passed away from cancer in March.
Amanda's grandfather, who passed away from cancer.
My mom's Aunt Melba, who passed away from a brain tumor.
Our old neighbor Richard, who passed away from a brain tumor.

If I have forgotten anyone I apologize; as you can see my list is long.

Me and Ashlee

Me, Mom, Ashlee

Ashlee, Mom, Dad, Me

My dad. A survivor.

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