Saturday, July 31, 2010

25 before 26

Tomorrow is my birthday. My 25th birthday to be exact. I don't know why, but it feels like a big milestone or something. I've been alive for two and a half decades, a quarter of a century, two dozen and one years. Whoa.

It feels weird. When I was younger I could never picture myself at this age; it always seemed so old and so far away.

On the eve of my birthday I'm feeling very nostalgic, looking at old pictures and I'm also feeling very curious as to what this next year of my life holds. I want it to be full of adventures, changes and laughter. I want it to be a year of continuing to seek God's will and a year of hope.

Back in December I created a goals, dreams and silly to-do list of 24 things to accomplish before turning 25. While I didn't accomplish quite all of them I am so proud of what I was able to do. I have made another list for this next year of my life; 25 goals, dreams and silly to-do list to accomplish before I turn 26.

1. Visit Jenny in Georgia & go to Tybee Island
2. Meet Amanda irl!
3. Get a more permanent job (that I like)
4. Visit my Seattle girls
5. Go back to my natural hair color

6. Go on a road trip (drive w/ Jenny back to Seattle?)
7. Do 1+ DIY project a month
8. Get/Stay out of debt/save $
9. Move out of my parents' house
10. Get current on my photo albums

11. Get a record player & start a vinyl collection
12. Get a second tattoo (at Mind's Eye Tattoo in Boise)

13. Run a 5k
14. Buy a car
15. Go to Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA

16. Go to a midnight showing of a movie opening
17. Go on a date

18. Re-watch & catch-up on Grey's Anatomy
19. Read the complete works of Jane Austen
20. Stitch a needlework/embroidery sampler

21. Go on a hike
22. Go to Canada (Whistler/Vancouver/Victoria)
23. Add more merchandise to my etsy shop and reach 50sales.
24. Re-create/paint the Paul Smith rug hanging shown in Carrie's apartment in the Sex & The City Movie (inspired by Miss James)
25. Take a dance class

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time from Tuck Everlasting. "Tuck said it to Winnie the summer she turned 15: Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live. And she did."

Some of these seem a little out of reach, but I guess that's part of the fun of it. I'm excited to see what I will be able to accomplish from this list. I'm also excited to see how God's plans for my life unfold this next year.

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