Thursday, July 1, 2010

24 before 25: update

Back in December I created a list of 24 goals, dreams and silly things to accomplish before I turned 25. My 25th birthday is just a month away and I wanted to do a little update of what I've completed from my list.

1 Open an Etsy shop (Opened 12.4.09 and I've had 12 sales.)
2 Develop fashion style: take weekly pictures (I haven't taken weekly pictures, but I have kept my LA style.)
3 Get out of credit card debt (Still in process, but hoping by my birthday I'll be free from credit card debt.)
4 Get a job/figure out career (I have no idea what I'm going to do long term, but I did some part time work substitute teaching and babysitting. I also got a temporary job at the National Interagency Fire Center through the summer.)
5 Learn a song on the guitar (Haven't done this yet. Anyone know an easy song to learn?)

6 Make a dress (In March I made an elastic waist skirt.)
7 Downsize possessions (In November and December after my move I got rid of 10+ boxes of stuff.)
8 Read the remaining Karen Kingsbury books (I just have one series left and am going to try to finish before August.)
9 Blog 3 times a week (I've done better than I thought I would on this one!)
10 Learn the Hoedown Throwdown (I WILL do this before my birthday!)

11 Visit Jenny & my Seattle girls (January, February & May/June)
12 Catch up on photo albums ( I haven't really done this. Oops!)
13 Learn how to cook better: make 1-2meals/wk (DONE!)
14 Volunteer at church (Ashlee and I planned and led a purity night for the teen girls and a fitness day for the women. Plus, I joined the youth board last month.)
15 Re-read Twilight series (I read these in December and January)

16 Develop quiet time/bible study-(I've participated in the women's bible study at church and a study of The Shack at Boise State.)
17 Do a photoshoot with Ashlee (Did a quite few shoots. Some in February and March.)
18 Make a dress with Victorias Secret bags (Nope. Haven't done this either and with my work schedule I don't know if it will happen.)
19 Re-read Francine Rivers lineage series (Read this in January. I highly recommend it!)
20 Be able to RUN a mile (I did this on our WiiFit. Does that count? I think I ran like 1.2 something miles in 10 minutes!)

21 Re-read Narnia series (I started this in June and hope to finish this month.)
22 Crochet an alien and a monkey (In December I crocheted an alien and in February Ashlee and I made a robot and a bunny.)
23 Begin crocheting a patchwork throw (Haven't done this either.)
24 Paint a picture (I have painted quite a bit. In December, February and June!)

Painting for my mom for Mother's Day

Painting for my dad for Father's Day

As you can see I haven't completed quite everything, but I'm happy and proud of what I have accomplished. I hope to do more in this last month before my birthday. Soon I'll be posting my list of 25 goals, dreams and silly things to accomplish before I turn 26!


  1. the first songs i learned on the guitar were:

    revolutionaries by bethany dillon &
    brown eyed girl

    best of luck on your list & thanks for being a yellowsongbird blog follower! :)

  2. wow! you've accomlished a lot of things :-)

  3. wow! you've accomlished a lot of things :-)