Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday: HoneyHoney

Last August, Jenny, Ashlee and I had the privilege of seeing HoneyHoney open for Lenka at a show at the Gap at the Grove in Los Angeles. We had never heard them before and were blown away with their awesomeness.

Ben (left) Suzanne (middle)

In March, Ben and Suzanne of HoneyHoney, tweeted about going to SXSW and asked if their fans would send them mixed cds for their trip because their ipod adapter was broken. So Ashlee and I made them mixes and sent them. My mix included I'll Make a Man Out of You, from Mulan and The Climb, by Miley Cyrus. :D Mine is the purple one and Ashlee's is the green one.

I also made them a card. While cutting out pictures I stumbled across an old Anthropologie catalog with none other than HoneyHoney in it! So I ended up making the card from that catalog. Those are Ben and Suzanne's feet on the right!

By April I had almost forgot that we sent them the card and cds. So I was surprised when I got a package from HoneyHoney! They have rad decorating skills! :)

Inside was a signed mix cd from Ben and Suzanne! I think it is so rad that they took the time to send this to Ashlee and I. Thanks HoneyHoney! You rock!

Here is their video: Little Toy Gun

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  1. That is amazing! They sound like they are probably great people as well as musicians... handwriting aside. :)