Sunday, April 18, 2010

loved. cherished. chosen.

On Friday Ashlee and I led a purity night for the 8th-12th grade girls at our church. We led a retreat 4 years ago when we were juniors in college home on spring break and were asked to do another event. Relationships and purity is something Ashlee and I are passionate about so we were excited to lead it. Ten young ladies came and we had a wonderful evening sharing our own stories and hearing their thoughts about purity and the women they want to become.

I strongly believe in purity and remaining abstinent until marriage. Through my own experiences and my friends’ experiences I am confident that sex is worth the wait. Most people think the only consequences are physical, like STDs or pregnancy, which are serious, but I’ve learned that there are also emotional and spiritual consequences that may not be as obvious and leave lasting scars on the heart.

Deciding to live a life of purity is a decision that no one can make for you. This choice does not just affect your dating life and relationships, but purity resonates in all aspects of your life. It is a process and we may stumble and fall, but we can pick ourselves up and do the next right thing.

For now I am a single young woman, who is waiting with “anticipatience” (both expectantly and patiently) for God’s timing for a husband. Until then I am learning what it means to be complete in Christ Jesus, because let’s face it, no one, no man, no woman, can complete us. As Marian Jordan said, “Marriage doesn’t make you happy, it just makes you married.” My heart is whole in Jesus. I hope everyone can find that joy and approval in God rather than people.

If you want to know more about the consequences of sex before marriage or what it means to live a life of purity, feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide and lots of resources to share.

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  1. From what you shared there -- I agree wholeheartedly. About everything, about purity and how it effects more than your physical self, about patiently waiting but being so excited about what God has for my life that it's hard to be patient sometimes because of the anticipation, and even the missing the man I'll marry even though we've never met. But oh what joy meeting him will bring! And even more so because I know who I am in Christ, without anyone else involved.

    Eee! Don't you just love knowing God has a plan for you?

  2. Good show, Heather. I'm married now, and I can tell you that waiting was beyond worth it. I think it may have been the best gift my husband and I could have given each other. Keep it up!

  3. Love this Heather! I totally and completely agree. I'm so excited to see how my future pans out and to meet my future husband, but I'm whole in my Savior! <3
    I think it's awesome that you girls had the night of purity for the younger girls. I have older girls that I remember looking up to (and continue to still look up to) for their values. It's awesome that ya'll are able to be there for these girls and give them real life proof of purity! :)