Friday, April 23, 2010

Get Motivated 4.20.10

On Tuesday my mom, Ashlee and I went to a Get Motivated Seminar. My mom got free tickets for us from our cousin. We were able to meet up with one of my mom’s best friends, Dawn, who Ashlee and I fondly call, Aunt Dawn. There were probably 10,000 people in attendance. No joke. It was huge. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but I hoped there wouldn’t be freaky chanting, like from Love Happens and Yes Man. Haha! Some people called the whole thing a scam to sell unnecessary products, but I thought there was a lot of good information shared.

The speakers were Dr. Robert Schueller, Boise State Bronco’s Head Football Coach Chris Petersen, Krish Dhanam, Bob Kittell, Tamera Lowe, Zig Ziglar, James Smith, Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw and Stephen Pierce. It was rad to have so many inspiring people share their stories. It was powerful to hear Rudy Giuliani talk about September 11th and hysterical to hear Terry Bradshaw talk about touching guys butts and all his animals. The day was filled with inspiration and laughter, as well as sore butts from sitting all day. Was that too much information? Anyway, I want to share key points from some of the speakers that I really liked. Here goes.

Dr. Robert Schueller
Cut the word impossible out of your life. Nothing is impossible; especially with God.
Never look at what you have lost, look at what you have left.

Coach Chris Petersen
The keys to success are nothing in particular, but EVERYTHING in general.
We have to be abnormal if we’re going to do great things; you must separate yourself.
Integrity and character are everything. You must be a person of confidentiality. Integrity is a behavior and behavior is a choice and it always trumps loyalty.
You are who you roll with.

Tamera Lowe
Your past doesn’t determine your future. You have a million chances to succeed.
You have destiny all over your life. You are here on purpose with a purpose.
Challenge: What is the problem I’m here to solve? Make a difference. Leave a legacy.

Rudy Giuliani
Don’t be afraid of the information revolution. Learn it. Adapt. Plug in.
There is a danger with all the instant information in that we can lose our individuality.
5 things to help maintain uniqueness
1. Read books-analyze, imagine
2. Listen-ask questions, have role models
3. Debate- test your opinions, grow
4. Write- ideas, goals
5. Think- what’s important
If you anticipate everything else, you’ll be ready for the unanticipated.

Terry Bradshaw
You have to have a purpose. Don’t waste God’s talent.
Find where life excites you and take that path. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to take on challenges.
Keep it simple.
It’s all about people.

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