Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My words have come back to bite me in the behind. Last February, almost a year ago actually, I wrote about the Sabbath Year. I had just read about it in Leviticus and had wondered if I was coming upon my Sabbath year. Big surprise. I was.

If you have been following my blog or are a friend or family member, you know that my internship ended at the end of May. Since then I had a 3 month long retail job and moved home, only to be jobless, anxious and frustrated. I have often felt useless and discouraged. It really has been a year without work.

In my previous post I wrote how the purpose of a Sabbath year was not only a time of rest and renewal for the land and the people, but it was also a test of faith. I must confess, during these jobless months I have been more tense and worried than rested and renewed. I have doubted God's will for my life and the gifts and abilities that God has granted me.

By re-reading what I wrote I was reminded of God's faithfulness and provisions for me. I KNOW I can count on God to continue to provide for my needs. This experience reminds me that faith is a continual process and I constantly need to be reminded of God's promises. I must continue to TRUST and OBEY!

I need to remember that just because I don't have a job, it doesn't mean that God isn't working in my life. If I had a job over the past months I would not have been able to reconnect to my crafty/creative side. With my extra time I am painting, collaging and reading many books. I am learning how to set personal goals for myself and I am trying new things.

Granted, I still need a job and money to pay the bills, but in days to come I am going to try and have an attitude of gratitude rather than discouragement.

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